The Homeless of Stark County Need These Items

We’re asking Stark County to give generously to help the homeless of Stark County on Christmas Eve!

How Can YOU Help?

You may have many items we need in your home already1

Please Consider a Donation


As we get set to distribute the clothing and other supplies at our “Share the Warmth” event, we’ve created a list of needed items.

If you have any items for our event that you’d like to donate, please contact us.

(needs listed by priority)

  • warm weather sleeping bags
  • tents (small, able to be broken down and carried easily)
  • 5$ fast food restaurant cards (preferably Wendys and McDonalds as they are most accessible to the Canton area homeless
  • tennis shoes
  • boots
  • Nail clippers (preferably Toe nail, as they can be used for fingers, but not always vice versa)
  • socks (needed year around, can never have too many)
  • feminine hygiene items (pads n tampons)
  • travel sized deodorant
  • gloves
  • hand warmers
  • scarves
  • winter hats
  • yoga mats (keeps ground from sucking body heat)
  • non food scented candles (heats small shelter areas)
  • hygiene items
  • ear muffs
  • coats

To Donate Items: Contact The Martin Center

Phone: 1-866-607-4096

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